Dump the Diet


  • Tailored eating plan based on what you like to eat and your lifestyle.  
  • Feel great and look great!
  • Don't sacrifice health for weight loss
  • Lose fat not water
  • Lose inches
  • Gain energy
  • Gain health  




The power of your subconscious mind & weight control


Did you know that the way you think and feel influences your weight today? Its not just the calories consumed or the nutrient profile of what you are eating nor just the exercise alone. For these things will make a difference but the real game changer is your subconscious mind because this is the real control centre determing how much you weigh, your body composition, how you feel about your weight, how motivated you are to exercise and whether you will be able to lose weight or not.

Let me illustrate - a client of mine came in for a weight loss consultation. She wasn't eating well, she wasn't exercising well. But this was just the sumptom of the underlying issue - she didn't want to take care of herself as underneath she didn't feel she was worth it. So that is why she couldn't "do the right things" on the outside despite genuinely wanting to do so. I gave her a nutritional plan, we discussed exercise options that would fit in with her particular lifestyle demands and then we got to the crux of the matter - that she would need to take care of herself and address the issues getting in the way of this.


If however you have cleared your internal saboteur then losing weight becomes easy with the right information and plan.


Healthy lifestyle choices and education will help you to make better choices because sometimes that is what you really need. It may also be that your metabolism is not at its peak due to physiological factors outside your control. There may be a thyroid or adrenal issue or emotional pattern affecting your metabolism. In this case examining these causes and addressing them with supplements and homeopathy can return your metabolism to its rightful level.


If you are aware of specific health issues or are taking medication, it is vitally important to obtain professional advice before embarking on do-it-yourself weight loss or exercise regimes.


At Health Mark we work with your current health provider to take into account any preexisting health issues or concerns and help you on your way to better health.


Usually 2 or 3 visits is all that is required to discover a healthier, lighter you and consultations may qualify for rebates depending on your health cover.


To arrange an appointment please phone Gina on 0412 767 300.





There is a reason you can't keep excess weight off for long. It is often because the diet you are following is not suited to your preferences, personality, lifestyle and emotional makeup. Or you have internal saboteurs you aren't even aware of!!

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