In the East it is understood that physical symptoms in the body originate in the energy pathways of the body long before they are expressed physically. Emotions are a key trigger point for the energy pathways, so looking after your emotional well-being is your greatest health tool.

in the West, the homoeopaths also recognise the energy pathways and the role that emotions have on energising health or causing dis-ease.


Your health and well-being is in your hands but I can facilitate your journey to greater joy, calmness and sense of fulfillment. Life is complicated at times and busy at others and it can be easy to forget the basics. I can help you reconnect to your true essence and enable you to bring greater clarity to your values, goals and aspirations and of course, your healthiest expression of who you are.


I have been on the personal development journey for a long time. Even as a kid, I stopped drinking coke at the family lunchtimes (we had coke with pasta!) because I instinctively knew it wasn't right for my body. Since then I have traversed many paths and healing modalities to arrive at the destination I am at today. And it is ever changing. No one method or teaching or therapy is right for every person, so I embrace many modalities. One of these will be right for you and you simply need to start from where you are today. For that is your perfect place. Call me today if you'd like to begin a journey to reconnect with the greater you.


In glorious health and with gratitude, Gina




 1. Karate chop on the edge of your hand as if you were doing a karate chop.

2. Top of your head.

3. Below eyebrows.

4. Side of eyes.

5. Under eyes.

6. Under nose.

7. Middle of chin.

8. Just under collarbone.

9. Under arm pits in line with breast.

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