We respect your privacy and understand that sometimes you need to disclose sensitive information in order to give us a better understanding of your particular health situation and requirements.  This is standard practice in the work we do, there is not much we haven't already heard, so relax in the knowing that your private details are safe.






At Health Mark we understand and respect the need for privacy from our clients and that is why we have a very simple policy:


We are bound by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Code of Conduct. We treat all client information as confidential and will never disclose your personal details (including email address) to anyone else, EVER (unless bound by a court of law).


If you have an individual consultation with us, we uphold every person's right to confidentiality, so you can relax in your sessions and be as honest and open as you like without concern.  Sometimes it is an important part of the healing process for you to discuss issues of a private nature and naturally, what is said between you and the practitioner is not discussed with anyone else.


You have the right to request information we hold about you - simply get in touch.


If we prepare nutrition information panels for your food product, we will sign a confidentiality agreement regarding the recipe details.  You can be assured your trade secret is safe with us.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss further.




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